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The School of Women in Ministry provides the opportunity to prepare you theologically, practically and spiritually to serve in ministry.

Curriculum & Classroom Dates

Tuition & Fees

Each course is $150 for a total tuition cost of $1800. This includes instructors, materials (except books), access to our student portal, and meals on course days.

If the cost is causing you to hesitate, we get it. You are trying to steward the resources God has given you, which is a considerable investment. But this is not simply a one-off conference that you attend with takeaways. SWM is joining a community and is set up to be a part of your spiritual formation and training, which will have ripple effects for years to come. The time you spend investing in your spiritual transformation will pay dividends far exceed the investment.

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Frequently Asked

This training program is geared to women of Christian faith who desire to grow in their spiritual formation and be better equipped to serve well within their local church or communities.

This program isn’t for everyone. It will take significant commitment and intention. It will encourage and challenge you out of your comfort zone. But for those who embrace the process, we have witnessed the transformative impact in their lives. If you are longing for more, and wondering if there is a community to grow with, consider joining us.

Women have busy lives, with lots to juggle! It is hard to be gone for big chunks of time, so our courses are scheduled for Saturday mornings, ending with lunch together to give students the opportunity to discuss what they just heard and to build community.

This training program is flexible and accessible, however, in order to graduate, students need to commit to:

  • Participating in twelve hybrid (in person/streamed) classes.
  • Working with their cohort and mentor.
  • Reading assigned texts (modified ELL program requires less reading).
  • Completing all assignments within timelines.
  • Developing and completing an internship project.

We have supports in place specifically for English Language Learners.

The learning environment is supportive and a cohort mentor will review progress and provide feedback on written assignments. The assignments are usually short (500 to 1,200 words) and often use a personal context. Women keen to immerse themselves in deeper study will be given recommended readings for further study. If you are interested in working towards a degree, this program will prepare and support you to enroll at Kairos University.

Classes will be held at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, AB.

Live satellite site will be at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC.

Want to join a cohort but don’t live near a site? Consider hosting a “hub” (contact us for more details).

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